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Food Industrial Conveyor Belt


For years, the conveyor belt is used instead of mankind in the industries such as Food and pharmaceutical industries which mainly use for carrying raw materials and to guide and transport packaging and printing out at the end level.

Food conveyor belt, which is also known as PVC belt with the layers of polyester yarn in Different thickness and appearance form is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

PVC Belt with 0.5 to 6 mm thickness has more consumption.

Food conveyor belts with several appearance form and name are defined. Including:

Conveyor PVC belt, with polyester bottom side.

Conveyor Belt with double-sided PVC or flat back or diamond bottom side.

Grip PVC belt with polyester back.

Conveyor belt with double-sided Polyester which is used in the industry as well as cookies, muffins, bread and flour.




PU conveyor belts which is mostly known in white color in Iran and has the great strength. And also, the other properties of this belt are: “oil and fat resistance”, and sometimes “anti static” (anti-electricity). PVC Food conveyor belts are used in packaging machine’s structure which is laid on flat and horizontal Rollers which transfer box packs etc.