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Belt fastener Hocks

Belt fastener hocks are used in the straps which there aren’t possibility to use in the form of endlessness. In this case depends on the belt and its place on the device we need to special belt fastener.
The conveyor belt of food industry usually uses wire (needle form) fastener.

Wire fastener just can connect with the special belt fastener devices.
Elevator belt uses the ordinary hooks from No.5 to 65 and is used according to necessity, width and thickness of belt.
In ordinary fastener there is possibility to connect it with a little care and also by technical people.
There is another kind of belt fastener which is used in Elevator straps and belts in the food industry.
It has less usage and called hinged fastener.

As the name clearly indicates, it looks like a hinge of door.
There is another kind of fastener which has two screws and is available in two size of 1.5 and 2.
Conveyor belts fasteners in various dimensions and sizes with stainless steel and resistant against abrasion, acid and chemical materials to connect a variety of conveyor belts with different thicknesses.