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Elevator Belts & Buckets

Elevator belts work in two different ways:
•    Elevator belts for Transmission of power.
•    Elevator belts for carrying goods or in conveyor belt form.
Elevator belt moves both vertically (which also called lifter) and horizontally.

buckets are used for handling products to chains or belts, fastening with screws and are handled in follow industries: flour, Rice, wheat, oil seeds, etc. There is elevator belt in 1 inch, which is the same 25 mm, up to high width that is used in food and oil industries.
Usually "Elevator belt is known in respect of inch and then the number of carcass layers, e.g. as 3x4 in which the first “3” number is the width it means (3-inch) and the second number i.e. “4” is carcass layers.

Elevator Conveyor belts are known in 2 groups:
Elevator with flat or cut edge.
Elevator with Round or fabric edge.
Flat or cut edge elevator belt are the ones with high width which is produced in straps industries and then are cut in different width or is sent with fabric cutting of manufacturer to sell.
Elevator with Round or fabric edge as its name implies, are supplied in original and uncut form.