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Flat Transmission Belt

Flat transmission belts with polyamide or polyester layer and rubber cover, it has the Lowest of the tension at the high speed and power which is used in textile, printing and packaging, paper-making, Wood, chipboard.
Power transmission belts are divided to the three major groups, including:
Flat transmission belts with polyamide layer for more power positions.
Flat transmission belts with polyester layer for high-speed positions.

Flat transmission belts with polyamide layer with polyester yarn which simultaneously is used in power and speed positions.
Generally, three groups mentioned above are using in the textile industry.
It is also applied In other industries, such as tile making, printing and packaging, mold-making particularly shoe tree, stone, Granite, oil and petrochemical, and even in the car‘s wheel balancing machines, spinning and weaving, etc.

There is another flat transmission belt which has also unique form and flexibility and as well as it’s known “stretch belt”, but it has some stretch.
Notifying that our company has embarked in importing any kinds of flat leather transmission belt, flat transmission belt with poly amid layer and also

flat transmission belt with polyester yarn , and all of these belts have purchased from  reputable foreign companies, including : Zig Lang (Germany) ,Nita (japan), Habasit and Rapplon (Switzerland) and Charles-walker (England.)

If any factory and any esteemed company need these kinds of belts, we are able to import Indian and Chinese flat transmission belts too.