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V-Ribbed Rubber belt
Conveyor belts with rubber coated and carcass layers in different thickness and with carcass in terms of thickness and strength are used in the mining industry, including: sand, cement, plaster, brick, tile, etc.
Simple rubber conveyor belt, mainly in thickness of 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm are used in the mining industry which Brick, sand, flour, and so on, can be mentioned.
There are conveyor belts in 3mm thickness, with 1 layer of carcass, in 5 & 6 mm thicknesses with 2 layers of carcass and in 8 &10 mm thicknesses with 3 layers of carcass.

The other conveyor belts with higher and more thickness are known as Caterpillar.
This type of ribbed belt is produced in different widths up to 100cm, which has different ribs’ height.
The ribbed rubber conveyor belt (v) causes increasing the degree of strength and reliance; it is in different inclined surfaces.
Ribbed belts are available in different ribs, various shapes and sizes that we have dealt with some of this ribs briefly in below photos. But the most applicable rib in our country is V-ribbed belt.